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About Us

YourCityHunt is platform created by Field of Dreams Software LLP. It is  a unique concept in the country, which merges online gaming and recreation with actual on ground activity and fun that allows brands, NGOs, users etc. to create unique engagement events in multiple cities. 

There are multiple models of hunts ranging from Social Cause, Fitness, Tourist, Bar Crawls, Food, Retail, etc. YourCityHunt has also setup customized hunts for groups of individuals and corporates. We are unique in that we bring people together based on their interests in activities and reward them for it. We also expose people to Social Causes that impact their lives and the lives of those around them. In the near future YourCityHunt is setting up a number of weekly / monthly hunts focused on charity, fitness, food and beverage, tourism and social causes. These will be setup with specific NGOs / brands / causes.

Having seen the tremendous impact that brands have on people and vice versa, YourCityHunt aims to provide a meaningful engagement to all sides when they interact. We know that the right influencer can make or break a product and help the brands identify these people. On the flip side, we also know that people are interested in new experiences and products and aim to deliver those in a meaningful, yet fun manner.


Corporate Office:

Field of Dreams

6th Floor, Stadium House, Block 1,

Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, 

Mumbai, 400020

The Team

Saumya Khona
Saumya Khona - Co Founder

With 13 year of experience as an entrepreneur working in the field of design, advertising and digital marketing Saumya Khona has founded and partnered in successful agencies such as Flaky, Mellow & Grounded, Geronemo, Field of Dreams and Home Grown India.

Pranav Kanoria
Pranav Kanoria - Co Founder

Pranav co-founded Field of Dreams after spending 9 years managing companies in diverse industries such as Cement, Industrial Gases etc. He also has 3 years of experience as a Management Consultant with Accenture where he worked on projects in Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Retail and Real Estate. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on what are the opportunities for brands in the online / on-ground space.

Mehernosh - CTO

A computer enthusiast, right from assembling his own machines to completing his IGNIIT & launching his entrepreneurial ventures in the field of IT more than 13 years ago, gaming has never been been so different before. Outdoor sports or Pc/Console games, it was always either of the 2, something he would hate since he wanted to do both. Now, with the launch of this product...he can do BOTH :). Being an adrenaline junkie and being tethered to his online world..both together... to hopefully create an immersive product, is what he is trying to achieve with his extremely talented & patient team.